U.S. & Canada hosted Business PBX!

The Ultimate US/Canada plan with US/CA Phone Number, plan offers the following for the low price of $24.99/month:
ASTPPvoip PBX – A Hosted PBX Business Phone Solution Unifying Your Team and Connecting You with Your Customers, from Any Device, Anywhere.

ASTPPvoip PBX is designed for small-to-medium businesses looking for a feature-rich phone service for their office(s), with built-in productivity and collaboration features, accessible from anywhere you are, on any device you choose. Integrated advanced features provides your callers with a great experience, from a professional greeting, automatic routing based on time-of-day and also options to be called back if your phone lines are tied up. Because ASTPPvoip PBX is a centralized internet based solution, not only are all your advanced features pushed to all your desktop and mobile devices, they are always self-aware, so that you never miss a phone call, chat messages, text messages, or fax from any of your local or remote users. This also allows you to manage advanced features directly from your workstation or device without having to log into any special tools.



Improve Team Collaboration & Productivity by providing softphone features for desktop, iOS and Android.users who need to stay connected to their office and continue working wherever they are. Employees can also make/receive calls using their headset

End User Options

Empower end users to manage features like voicemail, presence, conference rooms and contact groups from any device.








Greet callers using customized announcements and route them based on choices, company directory list or after-hours.











Flexible Phone Numbers

Represent your business locally or nationally, choose a phone number or port your existing number.




Since ASTPPvoip PBX is a cloud solution, you can expand with ASTPPvoip PBX as your business needs grow.



Local & Long Distance Calling

Included with every line enjoy as much local and long distance calling, across Canada and the USA.



PC, Android & IOS mobile dialers

ASTPPvoip PBX lets you take your office with you, true global communications network. ASTPPvoip PBX softphone and mobile clients let you call, chat, screen-share and more, wherever you are. No need to enable ‘follow me’ feature when you’re moving from location to location.




PBX Pricing plan

ASTPPvoip PBX plan gives you  2,000 Shared Continental U.S./ Canada & Minutes, less than 1.0 cents for each additional minute.  One Local U.S. or Canada Phone Number Included, Add International Numbers*, Unlimited VoIP Minutes, Between System Users (on network calling). Plan includes up to 10 extensions, extensions over 10 are $2 per extension in groups of 5


User Control Panel

Allow users to control their extension features directly from their personalized dashboards, completely accessibly from the internet. Users can create and monitor their own conference rooms, listen & delete their voicemails, and customize the look & feel of their popular feature with widgets and dashboards.




Included features such as:

Call Return
3 Way Calling
Call Waiting Low International Rates
Caller ID
and more...

Added Benefits
  • Free calls to other ASTPPvoip PBX members anywhere in the world.
  • Manage your account anytime through your Online Account Management.
  • You can "Bring Your Own Device" or purchase directly from ASTPPvoip


  • You must have a broadband Internet connection.
  • You need an analog telephone adapter, IP Phone or Softphone.

You can start saving immediately!

Sign up for an account, download the free Softphone or Mobile App  to immediately begin using your ASTPPvoip account. No equipment needed.

* Local number included, international numbers additional!

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Residential Phone service with unlimited calls to the US and Canada.



Rechargeable prepaid calling account with low per minute rates to everywhere.



Get your free PC, Adroid or IOS ASTPPvoip Dialer and start making calls



Numbers for USA, Canada and over 60 international destinations.


Hosted PBX Business Calling

ASTPPvoip PBX lets you take your office with you, true global communications network!